24 ORE Cultura, a subsidiary of the 24 ORE Group, started its activities by publishing illustrated books and catalogues of art, photography, architecture, design, fashion. Over the course of the past twenty years it has become one of the major producers and organizers of exhibitions in Italy and abroad, collaborating with major national and international public and private collections. In addition to producing numerous exhibitions in Italy, 24 ORE Cultura exports exhibition projects abroad. Thanks to its consolidated experience and specific know-how, it supports public and private, national and international institutions in the promotion and enhancement of their cultural heritage.

24 ORE Cultura has to its credit over two hundred and fifty major exhibition projects. It is a reference partner for major national public institutions and collaborates regularly with major international museums.

24 ORE Cultura runs the MUDEC – Museum of Culture in Milan, an intercultural and multidisciplinary hub dedicated to the cultures of the five continents, based on an innovative form of governance that is one of its kind in Italy, which in a successful synergy unifies the public sector, represented by the Milan City Council, and the private sector.


The company’s core business is the production of major art, multidisciplinary, edutainment, entertainment and digital exhibitions. For each exhibition project, the company employs curators of international renown as well as renowned planners, set designers, lighting technicians, designers and graphic designers. 24 ORE Cultura fully manages the production: organizational secretariat; management of loan contracts; transport practices; insurance of the works; realization of the graphic, exhibition and lighting design; communication, promotion and marketing; fundraising and organization of physical and digital events; production of the catalogue and other editorial products, up to merchandising, teaching resources and ticketing. In fact, since 2015 the company has owned a ticketing and teaching resources company.


24 ORE Cultura is able to offer a complete consultancy service:

  • Consultancy in the cultural sphere
  • Publicising and promoting museum collections
  • Setting up international collaborations
  • Designing and staging exhibitions
  • Designing and producing merchandising and books
  • Planning and developing dedicated teaching resources
  • Fundraising and organising corporate events
  • Devising strategies and communication campaigns above and beyond the line
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Press office services
  • Ticketing

One of 24 ORE Cultura’s main missions is to develop management and international networking strategies.
Thanks to its consolidated experience and specific know-how, 24 ORE Cultura helps public and private institutions to diffuse the knowledge of their heritage and to set up a network of international contacts, in this way fully promoting the cultural heritage of each institution, in Italy and abroad.
In particular, the 24 ORE Cultura International Relations and Development Office undertakes the research and development of exhibition projects ad hoc for museums and exhibition venues, in keeping with the strategic guidelines of the institutions and with their permanent collections, as well as providing consultancy on how to develop strategies for setting up a network of international contacts. 24 Ore Cultura is currently working in a number of European and non-European countries with exhibition projects and a host of cultural activities.

  • Sagawa Art Museum, Moriyama
    March 12– June 12 2022
  • Huis Ten Bosch Museum, Nagasaki
    July 9 – September 5 2022
  • Urasoe City Museum, Okinawa
    September 16 – October 10 2022
  • Seibu Art Gallery, Tokyo
    October 20 – November 20 2022
  • Niigata Isetan Gallery, Niigata
    December 10 2022 – January 14 2023
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
    September 16st, 2021 – January 9th, 2022
  • Gösta Serlachius Museum, Mänttä-Vilppula
    May 14th – October 10th, 2021
  • Seoul, South Korea
    July 27 – November 6 2018
  • São Paulo, January 25 – April 8 2018
  • Brasília, April 21 – July 1 2018
  • Belo Horizonte, July 14 – September 24 2018
  • Rio de Janeiro, October 12 2018 – January 7 2019
  • Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki
    May 1st – August 19th, 2018
  • Museum Folkwang, Essen
    September 27th, 2018 – January 13th, 2019

Believing in stories, being persuaded by their intrinsic strength and fascination, and investing in them, in the firm conviction that the form is the same as the substance. This is what being a publisher means for 24 ORE Cultura today. A publishing group that mainly deals in news knows that there are many ways of telling a story. Those that move in the realms of culture and creativity put a premium on the beauty of the images, the quality of the texts that go with them as well as the standard of the packaging. These are three characteristics which, together with the peculiarity of the subjects covered, which are universal but with a modern twist, represent the strength and the wealth of the books published by 24 ORE Cultura and outline the precise present and future cultural identify. These books are journeys through art, fashion, design and architecture, but also through the captivating universe of lifestyle, the extraordinary realms of comics and books for children, who can be more critical and demanding than adults. On the one hand we have tradition, expressed for over twenty years in the publication of exhibition catalogues and important art monographs, on the other however the Group’s publishing arm has become more and more attentive to the changes in taste of those who buy books, catering for an exacting and varied demand which in Italy struggles to find products able to satisfy consumers. Because of this, the editions of 24 ORE Cultura are designed at the same time for the national and the international market and the Group has always been a partner of major foreign publishing houses.

MUDEC – Museum of Culture

The Mudec, the Museum of Culture in Milan, where 24 ORE Cultura runs the spaces and services under licence, is today a multipurpose centre, thanks to a rich programme of exhibitions and the organisation of educational activities, events and festivals as well as collateral initiatives sponsored by the Milan City Council, by the Forum of Cultures and by all the public and private partners involved.

With its 8,600 m2 surface area, the complex is made up of a series of modular blocks and hosts the Milan City Council’s permanent collections of non-European art: over eight thousand works, from Pre-Columbian artefacts to modern and contemporary art pieces of great interest. The building also contains a multipurpose Auditorium, a large space dedicated to educational activities, storerooms that can be visited, the design store, the Bistrot, the restaurant, numerous spaces for events and a large car park. By means of a strongly interdisciplinary approach, the Mudec combines visual arts and applied arts, pursuing the objective of creating an innovative hub of reflection, research and narration on the cultural melting pot of contemporary society.

The Mudec has come to the attention of the wider public and the national and international press as one of Italy’s most innovative multi-functional centres, registering more than two million visitors in its 4 years of existence. This is thanks to its innovative governance, the first example in Italy of collaboration between the public and private sectors, and to the development of targeted and successful communication and marketing strategies, supporting associations and companies that have been able to take advantage of its innovative approach.